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Muted Horn
Meet the Brewer
Beginning at 15:00 on Saturday, May 4, we are thrilled to invite you to a Tap Takeover / Bottle Release / Meet the Brewer party with The Rare Barrel, an incredible all-sour beer company from Berkeley, California!

We will offer 8 beers on tap and 11 in bottles, with a massive lineup of 16 unique Rare Barrel beers in total. Co-founder Alex Wallash will be joining us in Berlin to talk yeast, bacteria, fruit, and of course barrels. To continue our precedent of sour beer + fried chicken = joy, Julian and the wonderful Piri's Burgers crew will also be here with a pop-up.

Since we opened the bar, we have worked hard on showcasing a wide range of sour beers on our taps and the bottle list, aiming to bring these unique and complex creations to as many people as possible.
Coming from the West Coast ourselves, The Rare Barrel has long been on our wishlist, and we’re very excited to finally bring it to Germany for the first time ever this spring. All of these beers will be available exclusively at Muted Horn, direct from California!

Founders Jay Goodwin and Alex Wallash met while attending university, started home-brewing in their apartment and soon decided that they would one day start a brewery together. Goodwin started working at The Bruery, where he worked his way from a production assistant to brewer, eventually becoming the head of their barrel aging program.

The Rare Barrel team produced its first batch of beer in February 2013, and in the past six years, they have taken home numerous awards from the Great American Beer Festival, the World Beer Cup, and the Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer.

The Rare Barrel was named for "pH1", a barrel used to make the original batch of La Folie in 2000 by New Belgium Brewing based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. In homage of the original "Rare Barrel", every year the brewery along with its customers and peers select the best barrel of beer and name it "The Rare Barrel" for that year. The "pH1" barrel was gifted to The Rare Barrel by New Belgium in 2015 and as of 2016 is currently active, used to age dark sour beer.
It’s a beautiful story, and you can geek out over it with us here:



FOOD by Piri's:
*to be confirmed*

There is no admission fee for this event.

To ensure that everyone gets served quickly and efficiently, we will not be offering tasting trays on this evening. Instead, every Rare Barrel beer on tap will be served in festival-style 0,2L pours. We hope this format will minimize waiting for drinks, while still allowing you to fully enjoy these fantastic beers.

Some of the bottles may be limited to one of each per person, depending on availability. Invite your friends to make sharing easy, and stay tuned for updates.

See you soon!