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Mash Pit
Lehrgang, Schulung, Tagung, Symposium
Berlin beer sommelier Sylvia Kopp and the MASH PIT welcome homebrewers, craft brewers and beer lovers to an exclusive workshop on brewing with botanicals hosted by Scratch Brewing on Sunday, July 21st.

We will start early in the mornings in a Berlin park with foreaging plants. Then we take those ingredients to the MASH PIT, our brewhouse of the day, where we will create and brew six different ales using these botanicals.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants only. The MASH PIT provides 6 brewing stations, each for 2 people to brew one batch together. Schedule as follows:

8 am – We meet Scratch Brewing in a park for foraging plants
11 am – We arrive at the MASH PIT
• Marika and Aaron from Scratch talk about brewing with botanicals
• We co-create six recipes with the botanicals we collected
12 am – We start brewing
2 pm – Tasting with Scratch beers presented by Sylvia Kopp
5:30 pm – After brewing is completed we clean the equipment we used

Participants are free to join the Scratch tap takeover at the MASH PIT.

Included are all the ingredients for brewing (malt, hops, yeast, water), the Scratch-tasting, snacks and refreshments. And 10 liters of your own beer once finished and bottled – at pickup.

The two founders and operators of Scratch Brewing Marika Josephson and Aaron Kleidon describe themselves as "place-related brewery". They work with the resources that are given to them in their place. Some are grown, some collected. Marika is the brewer, Aaron more the botanist. With their radical local approach, Scratch have already made a name for themselves internationally. They are leading in brewing with botanicals, in the "Foraged Beers" category, and as a true farmhouse brewery that lives up to the word "farm" as they consequently use what they resource from their land. They mash in a wooden barrel, brew under the open sky. The yeast is stored in the fridge of their bakery, where they also use it for making pizza and bread. Their beers can truly be claimed to provide the taste of terroir. This year, Scratch Brewing was also invited by Mikkeller to the Copenhagen Beer Celebration.
With the help of Dérer Imports beer sommelier and writer Sylvia Kopp managed to bring some of Scratch most wonderful beers to Germany which are already available in some specialty bottle shops. She also initiated Marika and Aaron to join us for Berlin Beer Week. The two are happy to share their skills and knowledge on brewing with homebrewer, brewers and beer lovers.