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Kalendereintrag Details

Achtung: nationales Event an verschiedenen Standorten in ganz Deutschland und der Schweiz. Die teilnehmenden Locations findest Du am Ende des Beschreibungstexts.

Ein Jahr fassgelagerte europäische Königsklasse aus Estland: Põhjalas Cellar Series Showcase 2019.

Wir haben unsere Freunde von Põhjala Anfang des Jahres gebeten eine kleine Anzahl an Kisten und Fässern aller Biere der Cellar Series an die Seite zu stellen für ein nationales Showcase Event und nun ist es endlich soweit! Wir mach den Black Friday wortwörtlich zum schwarzen Freitag und verkosten in neun Locations in Deutschland die Schöpfungen aus dem Fasskeller.

We love bold, dark, barrel-aged beers.
In the Cellar Series, we unleash our passion for ever deeper layers of oily, velvety, liquid goodness.
We use a variety of bourbon, cognac, sherry, and tequila barrels to age our unusual creations and create unique tastes by blending several distinctly different beers aged in complementary casks


Põhjala ÖÖ XO
11.5% Cognac Barrel Aged Imperial Baltic Porter
A special version of the Öö, aged for months in Cognac barrels.
Taste: A silky smooth texture of dark malts, red fruits, cognac, liquorice, and honey. Hints of molasses mix with those of rich dark chocolate, all balanced with elegant tannins cleansing the palate.

Põhjala Odravein Bourbon BA
16% Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine
Our anniversary barley wine, aged for 6 months in bourbon barrels.
Taste: Again, an avalanche of vanilla comes through, supported by a light orange marmalade. Tart cranberries, ginger snchapps, and toasted bread quickly come through, supported by a hint of alcohol and rich oak.

Põhjala Pime Öö PX
13.9% Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Sherry barrel aged limited version of Pime Öö.
Taste: Big and bold, this immediately makes the Pedro Ximenez felt. Luxuriously sweet, with a heavy presence of cherry and chocolate. The raisin character from the aroma comes through again, sliding down the tongue smoothly. Best enjoyed when sipped by a fireplace.

Põhjala Vahtra
10.8% Bourbon BA Imperial Stout
A bourbon BA Imperial Oatmeal stout, brewed with Maple syrup and Forest blueberries.
Taste: Milk chocolate and smooth biscuit wafers jump out followed by a touch of berries and ginger-like malt. Sweet maple syrup and freshly made French toast appears as the glass warms, whilst a pleasant touch of salted caramel lingers on the tongue.

Põhjala/De Struise As Good As It Gets
17.5% Imperial Stout
Collab with De Struise Brouwers. A celebratory Imperial Stout, double barrel aged for two years in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels and Heaven Hill bourbon casks.
Taste: Leather and tobacco join up with lightly burnt toast and a topping of raisin confit, before melting into sweet toffee and vanilla sauce. A thick and chewy oak character comes through with a healthy roasted coffee bitterness and intense malt character. A beer that allows for intense contemplation over how much you, the world, and the beer itself have seen.

Põhjala Liquorice/Honey BA 11,5%
More Infos to be announced- late year release.

Wir feiern den Black Friday in Deutschland sowie der Schweiz mit einem (inter)nationalen Event in folgenden teilnehmenden Locations:

- Hopfen Und Malz Aachen
- Mon Petit Café - Bistrobar (Stuttgart)
- LAGER LAGER (Berlin)
- Dr. Hops Craft Beer-Bar Leipzig
- Beyond Beer (Hamburg)
- Bierbude Duisburg
- HOLY CRAFT Beer Bar (Düsseldorf)
- Biervana (München)
- The Crafts (Kloten // Schweiz)